Serving Chicago-land's well maintained homes and offices since 1990. 

Our Mission - The ALL-TIMATE cleaning experience.

How do we do that? - With careful attention to detail by prompt, courteous, clean cut, uniformed, certified technicians that provide service for life.

What else?

  • Friendly staff
  • Upfront and exact written price quotes on only the work you need. NO high pressure or surprises. EVER!
  • Exclusive ALL-CLEAN service systems.
  • Follow up thank you and survey after service.
  • Maintenance programs available for residential and commercial accounts.
  • Reminder cards, email or text sent periodically, we know you're busy.
  • Strongest guarantee in the industry!

Customized Service Systems

Our exclusive ALL-CLEAN service systems allow us to provide a custom cleaning package and plan that's right for your project.

Our ALL-WAYS CLEAN CAMP's or Carpet Appearance Management Plans won't have you home sick like summer camp's from our childhood. You'll fall in love with your fresh, clean home or office all year long!

In fact, the EPA says a clean carpet improves IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) for allergy sufferers by trapping the allergens at the floor's surface better than any other flooring option. When Kept clean with regular vacuuming plans and routine maintenance programs your flooring not only stays beautiful longer it contributes to a healthier indoor environment for your family and or your employees.

What makes our exclusive systems so unique?

Our exclusive ALL-CLEAN systems

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) relieving allergy symptoms.
  • Dries fast! 1-5 Hours - NOT days!
  • Stays cleaner longer 
  • Restores and brightens your carpet nap and fabrics
  • Extends the useful life of your carpet and furnishings
  • Protects your considerable investment in flooring

We have THE strongest GUARANTEE in the industry!!!

The most OCD (Obsessive Cleaning Dudes) cleaning ever... or it's FREE!!!

We will cheerfully re-clean anything and if you are still unsatisfied you won't pay one cent for that item or area!

What could be more fair?


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Our exclusive ALL-CLEAN systems for homes

are designed to provide "the ALL-TIMATE cleaning experience" from the moment you call us. From tough to clean designer rugs and fabrics to odor and rental property restoration. We have an ALL-CLEAN system for just about any surface installed in your home. 

Our unique ALL-CLEAN systems exceed industry standards, yet our thousands of loyal clients amassed in the last 25 years expect them.

Ask about our exclusive systems for: 

  • ALL-CLEAN CARPETS - Exclusive 12 step system to beautiful carpets and allergy relief. Dry in hours, not days!
  • ALL-CLEAN FURNITURE - Specializing in tough to clean designer fabrics others refuse to clean. Customized for synthetic, natural and blends as well as leather furnishings.
  • ALL-CLEAN RUG SPA - Careful In-Plant washing, repairs, color restorations, re-fringe, binding, surging, securing ends. 
  • ALL-CLEAN HARDWOOD - Deep cleaning and Screen & re-coating options will preserve the life of your hardwood floors.
  • ALL-CLEAN TILE & GROUT - Floor and wall tile & grout brought back to life.
  • ALL-CLEAN STONE HONING & POLISHING and SEALING - Marble, Travertine, Granite as well as numerous other stone and solid surfaces on floors and walls can have that museum quality shine again. Impregnating stone sealers are worked in after honing and polishing to protect the finish and add years of beauty.
  • ALL-CLEAN - RV's, AUTOS, BOATS and AIRPLANE interiors ALL-CLEANed on site.

3M Scotchgard Brand OR DuPont Teflon Carpet & Upholstery Protector available for added insurance against oil & water based spills as well as easier vacuuming of the most damaging dry soils. 

Microban Clean Carpet Sanitizing rinse available for added allergy control  leaving the carpets with a luxurious, soft and clean hand.

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Our exclusive ALL-WAYS clean Carpet Appearance Management Programs (CAMP's)for your office

are custom designed to protect your facilities investment in floor coverings through carefully planned scheduling and techniques. Now you can maintain a high level of appearance through a combination of occasional deep restorative cleaning and more frequent, periodic, light, highly productive, maintenance cleanings. By focusing your budget on the areas that need it most, we provide the most value for your projects. An ALL-WAYS clean program for your buildings carpet, tile, stone and furnishings is more affordable than costly replacement and down time. Replace and redecorate when you want to, not due to poorly maintained, ugly'd out floors and furnishings. 

Ask us for a needs analysis to get your facility looking and feeling it's best for your employees and visitors. 

Currently accepting new clients and welcoming our cheerleaders back.

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