The Perch Jerker spinners are the most versatile dual in line spinners on the planet!

The near weightless design and interchangeable hook clip system of The Perch Jerker makes it one of the most versatile, handmade spinners on the market for any species and can be fished at any depth! The Double Indiana blades combined with the unique profile and colors of The Perch Jerker spinner calls them in and the match the hatch size and colors trigger vicious strikes from those jumbos. Interchangeable and over sized, our Aberdeen hooks will snag less through cover.

 Spinners catch everything that swims. As featured in In-fisherman Magazine June 2014 Perch

Like Mom always said...

"Never serve anything you wouldn't eat yourself".

We use only the highest quality stainless and brass construction components and hooks when carefully crafting The Perch Jerker spinners for you. All MADE IN THE USA. Designed, tested, tuned, proven and built in Chicago, IL with love.

Directions: Cast, troll or stroll your Perch Jerker spinner using your favorite knot and 6-8# test Mono or Super line on a light to medium spinning combo. Rig and Weight in a number of ways described in each appropriate style listed below. Always give spinners a quick snap to get the blades going. Don't set the hook: let them load up the rod and use a sweep set.

Casting: Pinch on a 1/16th -1/2 oz Bullshot or split shot any-where from 1'-3' ahead og the spinner. Fan cast, countdown to the fishes zone to determine a productive depth. Usually 1-3 seconds before it hits bottom or ticking weed tops to begin your retrieve. Reel slowly varying your retrieve with occasional pauses and twitches.

Trolling: To quickly locate active schools of fish try numerous rigs as appropriate. Add a 3'-4' Fluorocarbon leader in 6-8# test. Depending on the depths you're targeting, weight your line using a 1/4-2 oz. in line trolling weight, egg sinker or a bottom bouncer. Slide the egg sinker up your main line and attach it to the end of a swivel, then tie your leader on. Cast out 20-50' behind the boat and slowly troll at .8-1.5 MPH over weed flats and edges. Remove the hook and use the clip and the Perch Jerker as a leader and incredibly flashy attraction for crank-bait trolling. Try a Slow death stylie Jerker by clipping a snap swivel and slow death hook of your choice tipped with half a crawler and trolling behind your planer boards or bottom bouncers drives eyes wild.

Strolling: When shorelines allow Strolling can be a fantastic way to locate active schools and cover more water. Cast out and let it sink to the productive depth. Slowly pull it along varying your speed while walking along steep shorelines, harbor walls and piers where Jumbos congregate. Watch where you're going!

Tipping: Live bait-Soft-shell crayfish tail pieces, claws or heads. A chunk of crawler, minnows or a couple "two, tree" wax-worms or spikes. Plastics- like the Little-Atom Lures Nuggie and their Jumbo Wedgee or something like the TriggerX Minnow or curly tail grub all rigged horizontally. Change the hooks with plain or Dressed trebles and tip with cut bait fillets for exciting great-lakes salmon and trout action.

Did we mention The Perch Jerker is the most versatile in line spinner on the planet?

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